Why Apex

Why Apex

Teaching Methodology

Structured Lectures: All our lectures are pre-planned, well documented and taken up in a time bound lecture schedule. Every teacher follows the same pattern and a student can hardly differentiate between teachings of two teachers. We work as a team and never think of individual glory. Even a difficult thing is communicated in an easiest way. Quality of conceptual inputs and their presentation outscores any program.

Interactive Approach: The traditional mode of learning perpetuates memorizing without the student ever grasping the soul of the subject. At APEX INSTITUTE students are sensitized to a unique learning process which continues to pay dividend throughout their lives. Our method demands constant interaction between faculty and students.

Homogeneous Batches: We make batches on the basis of performance of students. All our batches are a homogenous mix of students. We always try to boost the performance of the students by reshuffling the batches at regular intervals so that the students may be motivated and they feel a sense of competition to get a place in our top batch.

Testing & Analysis: To keep a check on the preparation of every single student, regular in-house tests (Quizzes, Minor and Major Tests) are organized. The performance status of every student is then maintained in a separate file and problem areas are then discussed in detail for the betterment of the performance in the next scheduled test. Hence, helping the students to clear out all possible doubts before- hand to score high in their respective exams.

Test Including Students Of All Centers: Once in a while we conduct test including students of all centers of APEX INSTITUTE. This gives them a chance to compete in a large group. Students are occasionally rewarded as an appreciation of their efforts or good behavior.

Synchronized Progress With School: Unlike any other coaching institute, we offer all career conscious students a unique course structure that helps them in such a way that they can prepare well for their school exams along with the competitive exams they plan to appear in thereafter.

Separate Assignment For School/Board Exams: If there is a need in view of school exam of a student we not only arrange extra classes but also we provide separate assignments and classes for discussions on these assignments.

Ensures Top Performance In Board Exams As Well: Our courses for class XIth and XIIth are designed to ensure top performance in competitive exams as well as school/Board Exam. We run our courses in synchronization with the school syllabus and provide extra classes to the students if required.

Study Material

Study Packages: APEX INSTITUTE has designed and developed very effective study material for all competitive exams. The designing concept is very unique which generates interest, enthusiasm and provides knowledge of the fundamentals and technique for their application. A group of academicians and well trained staff keeps working round the clock for development of study material and incorporating changes after carefully analyzing the recent years exam trends.

Special Features Of Study Packages

  • Comprehensive coverage of theory in each chapter.
  • The theory is studded with numerous illustrations.
  • Large numbers of solved examples are given.
  • Exercises have well graded questions based on difficulty level.
  • Questions include all patterns – Single & Multi Answer Objectives, Subjective as well as questions based on Passages, Match the Columns, Reason & Assertion etc.
  • Regularly Updated

Daily Practice Problem Sheet

Daily Practice Problem Sheet (DPPS) is a scientifically designed tool which always keeps a student on toes and keeps revising key points. This supplementary assignment sheet contains questions in the sub-topics covered in current topic going on in the class. This serves the dual purpose of revision and quick recapitulation of what was taught in present lecture.

Student Care

Attendance: To check whether the student is attending every class or not we strictly follow the attendance rules, for the sake of best results for them.

Absentee Calling: We ensure timely intimation of absenteeism to the students through Phone Calling or by SMS to get updated by the reason of absenteeism, so that we may provide extra support for the students, if they have any genuine reason behind it.

Recovering Loss Due To Absenteeism: If we found that the student was absent for some genuine reason, we ask them to copy the notes & clear their doubts with the help of their faculty members whenever they require.

Doubt Clearing Sessions: Instant removal of each and every doubt is our top priority. For this we have separate Doubt Clearing Sessions where a student can get his personal doubts clarified from his teacher. Personal attention makes a student feel at home.

School Tests Preparation: We arrange doubt classes for chapters coming in school tests, so that the students may understand each and every topic and its basics as well.

Test Result Analysis & Support: The motive behind regular test result analysis is to check the performance of the student that whether the preparation of test is up to the mark or not, and if found so, then we provide support to the student as required.

Result Intimation To Parents: We give the test result to the student to get it counter signed by the parents, so as to ensure that the parents are getting the information regarding the preparation of their child time to time and we coordinate as well when it is required.

Low Performance Support/Support To Low Performers: We try to Motivate & help students to identify the problems & arrange the support as required.

Parents Meeting: In every six weeks we arrange a General Parents Meet so as to bridge the gap between APEX INSTITUTE and PARENTS and strengthen the coordination with them.

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