Career At Apex

Career At Apex

There was a time when teaching, more so coaching, was not a sought after profession. In fact often it did not get the respect it deserved. But today coaching has become an industry & the best brains in the country aspire to work for this industry. APEX INSTITUTE is proud to be a part of this movement.
Career at APEX INSTITUTE is excellent for those with a good value system. We are looking for people who have an excellent attitude, perseverance and a penchant to work in an environment charged with excellence & driven by values. We are on the lookout for people, who know that they just need to chase excellence, work for pleasure & satisfaction and success & rewards are theirs for the taking.
We are a growing institution and in all likelihood your efforts will be recognized soon. We have a very objective and transparent policy regarding promotions , salary hikes and bonus.


We at APEX INSTITUTE sincerely believe in rewarding the deserving ones. If you are academically very bright, or have previous relevant experience in teaching, it all should translate in a better performance in our selection process. The selection process will be the guiding factor not only to select you but also to decide the level where we should induct you and also for fixing the salary during probation period etc.
If you take the selection process extremely seriously and prepare accordingly for it, it will be good for your future at APEX INSTITUTE.


  1. Written Test : It will be one hour test covering the entire syllabus of IIT JEE in your subject. Questions will be truly of IIT JEE standard. We expect you to do well in this test.
  2. Demonstration Lecture : Candidates short listed, on the basis of written test, will be asked to give a model lecture to demonstrate their teaching ability and talent. It will be approximately of half an hour duration. In case of model lecture you are expected to touch level of excellence on that particular topic. Hence, you need to concentrate even more on topics chosen for model lecture. We shall be looking for the following qualities in you.
    • In depth knowledge of your subject with excellent clarity of concepts.
    • Ability to solve IIT-JEE level problems.
    • Ability to develop the topic from the basics & raising it to the heights required by IIT-JEE. Solving a few IIT-JEE level problems in the model lecture is very much expected.
    • In brief we will observe your board work, communication skills, fundamentals, enthusiasm etc.
  3. Interview : If you are successful in your model lecture you will be asked to face an interview wherein you will be tested for following qualities: integrity , temperament, ability to work as a team member etc. We do not change our selection process even if the candidate is a Professor of acclaim from the prestigious IITs, has great academic record & has published papers in national & international journals. It is our experience that people who are confident of meeting the challenge of training students for IIT-JEE, have been ready for any selection process. All the selected candidates are required to enter into a legal bond/contract to serve the organization for a min. period. For candidates at a level of Lecturers and Asstt. Professors it is two years, for Associate Professors & above positions a lower period of one year may be agreed upon. We take the legal contract very seriously.

Note : The entire process, subject to certain parameters, may take the entire day or get even extended to the next day.


  • Professor From 10.0 to 18.0 Lacs Per Annum
  • Astt. Prof From 5.0 to 10.0 Lacs Per Annum
  • Lecturer From 3.0 to 5.0 Lacs Per Annum
  • Trainee From 2.0 to 3.0 Lacs Per Annum


You will be asked to face an interview only wherein you will be tested for following qualities: integrity , temperament, ability to work as a team member etc.

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